Spending time with Ian and Andy

Growing up in the United States, we do not always get taught about the rest of the world. However, because of my dad and his experiences I have always been interested in what’s outside of our borders. Even at a young age I found myself wanting to learn more about other countries. Probably one of the many reasons I love the Olympics, but will save that story for another post.

In the mid 80’s I found myself very interested in Australia. With the wild animals, the people and accents, the Aborigines and the story of how the country made me interested. I was a pre-teen about the time that I really started to understand my sexuality and Australia had a bit part to play in all of my discovery.

Like I said it was a bit part, but two things happened in my life that caused me to really understand who I was. I was/l am bisexual. The first thing that happened was one of my older brothers was cast in the musical Grease. With the casting meant that we had the movie or music playing in our house a lot. It also introduced me to Ms. Olivia Newton John, she was and still is amazing. A year or two later we would end up getting cable and a channel called ‘SportsChannel’ (I know, not original or creative) which would show Aussie Rules Football. Female footy fans as well as gay/bi fans know that the tops the players where are perfect for showing off the beautiful arms (tattoos being a bonus). Both of those events though would start to lead my to discover my bisexuality and my sexuality would eventually start my path to this podcast.

My first season that just finished allowed me the ability to speak with amazing people. Men, women, Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Trans athletes. Two of these athletes would be from Australia and both increased my love for Australia and the people of Australia.

When I started this podcast I NEVER would have thought I would have the opportunity to speak with Ian Roberts. Ian was a NRL player who would come out to the world in the mid 90’s. Even though I was a Northern Californian and thousands of miles away his coming out had a tremendous effect on me and speaking with him will always be a life highlight. Check out his interview here:

It is funny how 23+ years later and just a few months of my launching my podcast another gay athlete would come to my attention. Andy Brennan is an Australian football (soccer) player who spent time in the top flight in Australia and currently playing for Green Gully in NPL Victoria. His Instagram post was another coming out that would affect millions around the world. It was my pleasure a little over a month later to chat with him and post that interview. Check it out here.

I loved speaking with these two Aussie athletes and looking forward to speaking to more athletes from Australia in season 2. Season 2 launches August 6th with my guest, former New England Patriot and Kansas City Chiefs of the NFL Ryan O’Callaghan.

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