I have always loved the art of story telling, it did not matter if it was a novel, a movie or even a well done interview. In 1994 “Inside The Actors Studio”, hosted by James Lipton, debuted and I fell in love with the interview style and story told by Lipton’s questions. I have never wanted to become an actor but loved hearing what made actors tick, their experiences and the roles played throughout their career.

We then obviously reached the time when podcasts were created and I could further listen to stories of people telling about their lives. With short story podcasts like Moth, Risk, Spark and others it just gave me more experiences through others. Longer podcasts like “This American Life” were able to tell a more in depth story of a person or event.

I have been searching for a story to tell and that is where “Level Playing Field” comes into play. First let me take a second to explain the name. Whenever a LGBTQ+ athlete comes out, or is rumored to come out, you always hear about the distraction they bring, the lack of trust that could happen in the locker room or even scaring away fans. All these things and so much more already make an LGBTQ+ athlete playing at a disadvantage.

This podcast is all about bringing the stories of these athletes and sports media personalities to the world, told through their own voice. My hope is to take away the stigma and negativity on the field of play and show these people are equal with the athletes around them. Let’s show the world that we are all the same regardless of who we love and who we are.

Now to the Thank You section.

First and foremost I have to thank my wife Melissa, who loves me and accepts me for who I am.

Second is Outsports, I started reading you back in 1999 and remember your first stories, thank you for being THE outlet to tell so many stories for so many LGBTQ+ athletes.

Thirdly I would like to thank Olympic figure skater and composer Eric Radford. Not only for being one of my first guests but also for allowing me to use your music as the theme music on the show.

Next thank you has to go to my friend Kim Luke, a local talent in Santa Cruz, California who has been encouraging, someone to bounce things off of and most importantly an all around good person.

Final thank you goes to my friend Claudia from Clouds Design Studio who designed my logo for the podcast. Even if not local to Santa Cruz I encourage you to check her out for your design needs.