Dr. Rachel McKinnon

I have wanted to start talking about Trans athletes for a while, it is a topic that is flying through the twittersphere. If you want to talk trans athletes you might as well start at the top. I was so happy to be joined by Dr. Rachel Mckinnon this episode. Like with all of my episodes we always start with the earliest memories. We move towards her playing sports, starting to realize she would be happier as a girl and we get to finally coming out as trans.

Rachel and I continue to interweave her story as we talk about Caster Semenya and the ruling by CAS, we talk about trans athletes in team and individual sports and we move finishing talk about her tshirts she has made and sells now for Sports being a Human Right. I hope you enjoy this episode.

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Her clothing line that we talk about can be found on instagram at @rainbowfoxdesigns