Level Playing Field

I grew up watching interview shows, hearing people tell their stories. Shows like “Inside The Actors Studio” later on always got my attention regardless of the guest. With the growth of podcasts I thought about what I would do if I ever started my own podcast.

Early 2019 is when I first thought about making an LGBT sports podcast, with Jack Murley from the BBC and Daniel Trainor doing Same Team, I wondered if we really needed another LGBT sports podcast. I decided to move forward though thinking about another voice being out there, telling more stories and from a different point of view.

In September 2019 Cyd Zeigler, co-founder of Outsports.com, reached out about bringing me on as one of the podcasters in the new Outsports podcast Network hosted on SB Nation. It took me no time at all to say “Hell Yes” to the offer and here is where we are at now. Who knows how long this will go on so I wanted to make it easier to find past episodes. Click on the year to narrow down on past/current episodes.